get help with parenting teenagers!Periodic IT infrastructure audits provide valuable insight into vulnerabilities to your systems.

LinkTech ITC sympathizes with families who have or are coping with loss due to online cyber-bullying, threats, harrassment, and suicide.

We have created a new program specifically designed to educate parents / guardians / caregivers on

  1. how the internet works
  2. What types of ploys sexual predators and deviants use to seduce teenagers
  3. Statistics and difficult to pallete realities associated with cyber seduction
  4. Protection measures that will reduce the likleyhood of a teenagers being recruited and abused during browsing on the Internet
  5. Relaying new information on exploitations of teenagers via Deep Web, Dark Web, and other levels of the internet to upgrade protection measures

Our technicians are fully versed in how the internet works from different interactions and monitoring to effectively prevent any issues.

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proactive measures for safety

Trust is the most important ingrediant for our services to be effective in protecting your child(ren) from the dangers and unknowns in the technology realm.  We know as parents sometimes it can be daunting and nerve-racking to not knowing what your children are doing on the internet or if they are being manipulated by an outside source to do things.  This is why we developed this program.

Protecting your child from attackers

Our protection system provides parents and caregivers alerts to when their child attempts to access age-innappropriate content or being exploited by threat actors from outside of your home network.  Threat actors are people who use methods of hacking to acheive thier goals.

making technology boundaries

When teenagers or children are left to thier own devices, many will find sources to connect with and even befreind to have someone to talk to about thier changing lives.  Some of the users a person connects with on social media are not always as thier profile asserts.  Sexual predators and human traffickers use coersion to sway how a child responds to them.  If your teen is frustrated and feels like they can not confide in thier parents or the parents just do not care, they will confide in a unknown online user who will sympathize with thier plight making the teen more suseptable to suggestions of running away or meeting the person they met online somewhere.  LinkTech ITC helps parents create healthy boundaries while on the internet by using a simple Family Social Media Contract in order to become a better social member while respecting thier parents rules.

Technium is one MAC changing vendor which uses a database of MAC addresses to mislead agencies on who and what device is being used.