Will Democracy fall to Authoritarian way of life? Social Media is just the start!

Will Democracy fall to Authoritarian way of life? Social Media is just the start!

A Technocracy is defined by as government by technicians specifically: management of society by technical experts.

Currently in the world facts are misconstrued or blatantly ignored in order to change the perspectives of populations using social media companies to peddle strategic narratives to accomplish a goal. 

The United States of America is a great example of dissenting views fueled by the mainstream media and social media as reported during a press conference where Jen Psaki stated, "We are working closely with Facebook and other social media outlets to catch misinformation".

When an administration identifies it is working with technology companies to monitor what a user posts, whether truthful or not, is the basic definition of a Technocracy along with country-wide surveillance tactics fueled by the CIA.  Since the NSA (National Security Administration) was ordered by congress to stop mass surveillance in the USA, another agency, CIA, continuing adding to the mass-surveillance system utilized with permission from all cellular carriers. 

This information seizure and censorship is completely indicative that our governmental officials have planned to control a specific narrative which is completely illegal.  Our constitution applies protection from censorship of speech and seizure of our property which has degraded the ability of any American to say what is on their mind without fear of repercussions from any organization or governmental agency. 

In a sense, the Technocracy, has embedded itself inside our government to silence dissidence or arguing points from being viewed on social media websites labeling countering views as “misinformation” or “untrusted source”. 

Facebook is bleeding users in record numbers, approximately 500,000 in the last three months of 2021 according to Forbes Inc., which shows the impact of censorship on users to push them to other platforms which have a right to free speech. is a Christian-based social media website that allows users to speak their mind within proper conduct rules and not censorship. has seen a very large growth in online users ever since the censorship conspiracy theory was first reported.  Many users are looking for a platform that allows free speech and healthy discord which makes our Democracy work.

Another up an coming social media website named MeWe has begun to gain more users, approximately nine million in late 2020 and exploding to twenty million active users in October of 2021. MeWe first launched in May 2012, the platform has since made internal changes and redirected its branding efforts. These changes were designed to counteract the perceived business practices that legacy platforms like Facebook are believed to be making. This philosophy will allow any user to conduct a productive discourse without the censorship or political narrative pushing.

As demonstrated above, there are many other social media outlets whose business models are not selling user information, which is a big source of revenue, or histories and does not censor due to dissenting views but allow for us Americans can converse in a free way.

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