Pricing Model

Philosophy of our pricing model

LinkTech ITCs' Pricing Philosophy is very straight forward, We charge a lower amount for residential customers with cell phone, laptop, desktop, 2-in1, and home networking to avoid a customer from outrageous costs and fees.  In today's rocky economy, LinkTech ITC will never raise our one-time service call fee of $55.00 no matter the percentage of inflation or devaluation of the US dollar. 
Most residential customers billing is based on the cost of the part to be replaced and the service call fee.  Our company does not stockpile any parts as to do so would cause generational issues with services devices.  When you call our office (814-590-7179) or email our staff (service@linktechitccom) we will generate a baseline quote within one hour via email or by text message.  This quote will not change from reporting to repair.  Try our service today!
Providing services on Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Huawai, Nokia, and many more brands of devices at lower costs.

Residential Pricing

Since 2007 many people around the world have come to be reliant on smartphones, either from Apple or Samsung, to keep their contacts and schedule their lives to being a conduit to the digital neighborhood. When your smartphone breaks it can feel like the end of the world but it is not!  LinkTech ITC has the knowledge and training to repair any mobile device from Apple iPad's to Apple iPhone's with a direct focus on our customers satisfaction and budget for unexpected accidents.
Contact us today to get your repair started at our Service Call page.
We repair, monitor, commission, and decommission servers for data center and remote office locations.

Business Pricing

LinkTech ITC preforms basic and advanced data center services to keep your business running efficiently and effectively without raising asset purchase costs.

LinkTech ITC technicians are vetted and trained in operations from small business to massive government data centers.  Services we provide are:
  • Daily system checks
  • Threat analysis reporting
  • Storage system monitoring
  • In-shop technical support

We symbiotically work in concert with you!

When it comes to business IT, downtime is the scariest problem any company can face due to the heavy reliance of technology infrastructure.