Teens sharing nude pictures online is rising!

Category: Parenting & Technology -> Child Exploitation | Posted date: 2021-06-04 16:50:07 | Updated date: 2021-06-24 15:30:11 | Posted by: Christopher M Link

teens sharing nude images with pedophiles

Teens sharing nude pictures online is rising!

Is your child at risk of peer-pressure to be a victim?

Having four teenagers of my own, I understand the worry and frustration of not knowing what they are doing or who they are speaking to on the internet.  This makes parenting a little bit harder than with previous generations due to the anonymity of users on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many more claiming to be the same age as their intended target.  Sometimes predators will stalk their target for days and even months prior to manipulating or abducting them.

Most parents i speak with regarding safety for their children online are not exactly caring, while a few parents are worried about their children’s safety on and off the internet.  This apparent carelessness is what predators want all the while watching where your child gets on and off the bus from, which route they take to get home, time of day your child leaves t walk to the bus stop are all tactics employed by predators to find a way to abduct children without being seen.  Our technicians feverishly observe and communicate with parents and caregivers when a possible attack on any social media account or other messaging systems.

Another major issue with teenagers is using peer pressure to send nude selfies to boyfriends, girlfriends, or nonbinary lovers with the promise that the receiver will keep the pictures secret when in fact they share them and/or use the nude pictures to blackmail a teenager to do something.

This type of stronghold on teens primarily affects the submissive partner by manipulating them through coercion, bullying, or threats to get what the attacker wants, when they receive the nude selfies, use them to sometimes black mail the subject into unwanted intercourse or other dangerous situations in which the law would be alerted.

The aforementioned hold that puts on the subject is also used in luring young women to meet unknown people through text messaging or through social media.  Most of the time, human traffickers use other teenagers in captivity to communicate with disgruntled teenagers to gain their trust all the while prepping the teenager for capture and shipping to other countries for a life of prostitution or enslaved marriage.

The majority of human trafficking that is known funnels through the cartels in Mexico and other southern nations using a United States-based safehouse network designed to foil the local police and create a jurisdiction problem through secret movements. We have found proof that one such ring exists in Erie Pennsylvania from deep web sources that informed us on how they travel and the process of drugging trafficked humans to keep them from calling for help.

We have instituted a new system for observation of youth, children under 18 years of age, to use information from connected sources to detect possible age-inappropriate content of a website before the page loads.  This service cannot identify all age-inappropriate content but helps parents to speak with their children in order to prevent them from using those websites.  Click here to learn more about this service.