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LinkTech Consultants has begun a new service called Computer and Mobile device advisor gives you a technician with the ability to help you decifer what the items in a Computer and Mobile device displayed on a sales floor without the pushiness of sales floor associates. 

Dedicated technician for free!

LinkTech Consultants hire certified and qualified technicians with a wide-range of knowledge on Computer and Mobile devices giving you a solid source for information and how to decipher what is inside.  Sometimes it seems to be a pain to go to a major box store and wait for an associate to help you while pushing products they are told to sell.

how to decode the tag information

When you go to a store to shop for a new device, you look at the tag full of technobabble which is unreadable by the average customer. Our Computer and Mobile Device shopping advisor can help you to understand what CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), Camera information, and more.

In this tag the terms are:
  • Graphic Card GeForce RTX 2070 // This is what displays graphics on the monitor or screen
  • Processor Intel Core I7 // This is commonly refered to as the "CPU" or the "Brain" of the computer. Common two types of processors are AMD (American Micro Devices) and Intel.
  • Memory 16GB Dram // Memory is what makes the programs run faster.  The standard amount sold on most basic computers is 4 Gb (Gigabyte = space) which is also known as RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read-Only Memory)
  • Storage 512GB // This is known as a hard drive. There are two types of 3.5 inch drives, HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive). SSD is constructed like a memory module and the HDD is an magenetic storage mechanism.

Why we help you!

LinkTech ITC was founded with a mission to provide IT (Information Technology) support to residents and corporations alike.  Our technicians are well suited to provide guidance on what will work for you, not what is in stock or being pushed by sellers.  Sometimes just answering a few questions can help our technicians to find the right computer, tablet, smartphone or IOT (Internet of Things) devices that will work longer than five years.  Our recommendations are not because we favor or are required on the part of the manufaturer, because it is what is right for you.

  • Computer for college?
  • Tablet for on the go meetings?
  • Are you using the device for gaming?
  • What types of applications do you see yourself using?
  • Are you looking for a convertible computer (Part tablet / Part laptop)?
  • Do you run 3 dimensional heavy applications (Architechture / Game design)

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