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Periodic IT infrastructure audits provide valuable insight into vulnerabilities to your systems.

LinkTech Consultants  provides a free Information Technology Assesment to identify any possible access points and ports on servers, routers, wireless access points, and POS systems all the while providing hardening information and policy change to keep up with current cyber security protocols.

Our IT Assessment covers all assets in a corporate or small business, from individual server blades to network switches, managed or unmanaged, to computer access by employees.  We give advice on how employees should handle their workstations to better equip them with the knowledge to keep malicious attacks at bay.

constant vigilant human senors

Using a team of specialy trained and certified network technicians who monitor external and internal open ports, while identifying threat actors monitoring or attacking using advanced methods of intradiction.  Black Hats often use open ports on any public internet access into a server then plant an executible file into a users local or roaming Windows folder to gain access by accident. Thus, they have the upper hand at evading anti-virus software that looks in every folder and will not recognize the problem until the attack has occured.

The Devil is in the details..

That saying is more true than anything else in the cyber security space. Many of the precursors to full on attacks by malicious software or actors can be found in repeated attempts through inspection of web server access logs to find a proverbial "Needle in the Haystack". These access logs record all outside connection traffic to a web server made by computers connecting to it via the internet or other networks existing through out the world. Our goal is to monitor these access logs minute by minute to possibly identify an attack before it takes hold.

Developing tighter security standards

Complacency is a key problem when it comes to proactive analytics. LinkTech Consultants team of human monitors can identify alterations in MAC (media access control) addresses by use of MAC changer software to spoof which device connected to a service. We collect these false address and match them to a list of known MAC addresses for devices using the software to identify the original address of the device using the online services.

Technium is one MAC changing vendor which uses a database of MAC addresses to mislead agencies on who and what device is being used.
A simple exploit capable of infecting networked sources

Daily threat assessment

Hackers, Black Hats, are constantly monitoring various public IP addresses to find vulnerabilities which can include bribery of employees to plant a executable file on thier work station to give remote access to your systems.

58 percent of threats come from the extended enterprise

-Source: Clearswift

Many security failures are preventable through tighter employee security methods to keep corrupted employees from infecting your system.