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LinkTech Consultants® pricing model is designed to fit with the customers needs and budget by providing access to our PromisePay (for qulifying households). Even through tough times LinkTech Consultants® will always strive to meet our customers needs with our Customer First policy

Computer Repair

We diagnose all problems associated with different Operating Systems to best understand the problem.  We service all brands of computers from 2-in1 convertibles to full-sized gaming laptops.  If you are in need of assistance with purchasing a new computer, click below to get direct assistance.

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Business Augmentation

LinkTech Consultants can analyse, deseminate, and trace threat actors and black hats using Ethical Hacking to prevent, protect, and bring cyber attackers to justice.  Our White Hats are skilled in trace-routing and extraction of all compromised data.  In a world full of digital threats, LinkTech Cyber Incident Repsonse Team (CIRT) is here to help!

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Cybersecurity Services We Offer

Many companies around the country rely on massive and complicated communication systems which in the complexity arrives multiple points that can be attacked. Our services create a blanket on these complex systems by proactive traffic monitoring and using ethical hacking to identify and prosecute attackers. Learn more on this subject.

Traffic Management

Along with constant network monitoring, LinkTech Consultants provides a monthly overview of traffic in and out with a threat matrix deisnged to highlight attacks within the system as it occurs. Upon request we can backtrace the information to give a suspect listing with location data.

Anti-SQL Injection

Poor Database Management leads to Black Hats using web browsers to add usernames and passwords into the address line to access poorly guarded sql backups of data from users input to sell that information on the dark web. SQL backups are very sensitive assets that all users of your services while depending on you to protect thier PII.

Hourly monitoring

While this service seems to be excessive, the reason supporting this service is due to the blanket monitoring to identify potential threat actors by cross refferencing results hour by hour to insure an attack does not occur due to proactivity.

DDOS protection

DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks are designed to flood the communications to identify ports on servers that can be exploited using malware introduuced unknowningly from an employee or using public IP (Internet Protocol) address porting to gain access to your systems at the administrator access level.

Cell Phone Services

Virus infiltrations can be very difficult to identify until a command or process activates them to do what the virus was designed to do. LinkTech ITC uses tried and true methods to eradicate troublesome and frustrating viruses from your computer. Our CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team) gathers information on how the virus eluded the antivirus software installed by capturing the malicious file and containing it on a "Quarantined" sector of our server. After we capture and quarantine the virus, we will send it to a lab where the virus definition can be issued to all antiviral software.
Hardware failures can happen at any time for any reason. We can not predict when any component of your device will fail, however, with biannual cleanings LinkTech ITC can identify potential points of failure upon inspection of hardware components. Development of advanced procedures allow our technicians to more thouroughly examine hardware to give an approximation of how long the component may last without immediate intervention.
Sometimes installed software can cause issues at boot time if the Operating System, usually effects Microsoft® Windows® Computers due to the vast majority of viruses designed to manipulate executable files in order to lock or encrypt files and access to your system via ransomware.